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Amazing E Cigarette Disposables by Blu Cigs

I have been a smoker for 25 years of my life. I grew up around smokers too that is my parents also used to smoke. About three weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and found that I was out of smokes. There was not even a single cigarette in the pack. It was empty. I decided to go out and purchase one. I drove by car out of the garage and drove it towards the super market.

 Instead of going to get smokes at the nearby super market I drove to a shop that sold e cigarettes or you can call them smokeless or vapor cigarettes. When I reached there, I asked the shop keeper whether I could try one before buying it or not. He handled me the electronic cigarette which he was vaping. I just tried that disposable e cigarette that he was using and I simply loved it. The shopkeeper further suggested me to go for disposable e cigarette of the brand Blu Cigs. According to him this was the most popular brand in the market.

It has been since then I have kicked out tobacco cigarettes and start using Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes. I am feeling great, my lungs pain is gone, my heart trembling is gone, my panting is gone and the pressures in my eyes are gone. I smell great and now people have stopped calling me ashtray. Now I don’t need to go out of the house or car in order to smoke.

Blu Cigs has transformed my life. I love this brand. I really want to thanks Blu Cigs e cig for changing my life and giving me a smoke free life. People, who are getting confused while selecting the best e cigarette brand, best electronic cigarette reviews prove to be the best for them.


I Love My SmokeTip E Cigarette

I was a hard core smoker for over 30 years and according to the suggestions of friends I tried electronic cigarettes. I had tried many disposable electronic cigarettes which I preferred only because I do not have any kind of experience with e cigarettes. Another reason to try these disposable is that I don't care much for charging this battery operated device. I was quite confused about the quality and effectiveness of these e cigarettes, but to make my friends happy I was ready to try it. My friends gifted me disposable e cigarette starter kit of the brand named as SmokeTip.

After my first trial of this brand, I was totally shocked. I got similar taste and sensation as I had got with tradition cigarettes. Now, I must say that SmokeTip disposable starter kit has been the best so far on the battery life and also on the price. Today, I am completing my full one year with SmokeTip electronic cigarettes and I just want to say thank you for this product. It is true that after using SmokeTip e cigarettes, I could never go back to real cigarettes. The nasty smell is out of my life and I can enjoy puffing without ant tension of bad smell. 

With electronic cigarettes, I enjoy sharing with my smoker friends too. I love zesty orange and cinnamon flavor of this brand. These flavors refresh my mood and make me able to do my work with more enthusiastically. Those people, who want to try electronic cigarette once in their life, I suggest them to try disposable starter kit offered by SmokeTip because it give relevant experience to the smokers and enable them to choose the best flavors at an affordable price. In case of any confusion, best electronic cigarette reviews website is a best option.


I Enjoy the Unique Flavors of Blu Cigs

I am 30 years old lady and I got engaged in smoking addiction during my collage time. At starting, I used to smoke 1 or half cigarette per day but as time passed my craving had become strong more and more. I used to smoke a packet per day and sometimes the number goes up to one and a half or two full packs. When I was 25, I got married with an IT engineer. My smoking habit was still with me and even after many tries; I didn’t cope up with my smoking habit. One day, my husband told me about the alternative of tobacco cigarettes i.e. electronic cigarettes. I was shocked to hear about this alternative. After that day, I and my husband both are searching for electronic cigarettes.

After few days of this incident, my husband surprised me by gifting disposable kits of Blu cigs brand. He told me that best electronic cigarette reviews help him a lot for purchasing Blu cigs. I tried Blu disposables and they last all day and sometimes the next day. For me, Blu disposable are the Best. So, after completing 2 month with Blu cigs disposable starter kit, I bought Blu cigs rechargeable with two batteries and wall charger and one pack of Cartridges and I love this electronic cigarette brand very much.

According to my personal experience, I feel that smokers have to purchase e cigarettes only after making proper information about the quality and other aspects of different brands. After judging and comparing available e cigarette brands, people can easily choose any of the brands that suit with their personality effectively. Those smokers who want o switch from tobacco cigarettes, Blu cigs disposable is a best option for them.  I love all the flavors and kits offered by this rand and now I rely on Blu cigs electronic cigarette completely. There is no need to worry about where to buy electronic cigarettes as these devices available through online resources.

SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes Enhance My Puffing Experience


I am 32 years old IT engineer and in the age of 20, I was engaged in the addiction of smoking. That time, being a smoker, I was constantly worried about the nasty smell of tobacco. After a full day of smoking, not only my breath stink, but my car, home and clothes all smelled like smoke and ash. Because of my heavy smoking craving, I was smoking a pack a day and spending about $200 a month on these cigarettes. One day, my girlfriend suggested me to try electronic cigarettes but I was not sure about the quality of these electronic cigarettes and hence I didn’t use it. After few days, she gifted me a pack of Smoketip electronic cigarettes and with my first puff I was quite surprised with the quality of this brand.

After that day, I had never looked up traditional cigarettes. I was shocked to know that with SmokeTip e cigarette, I have cut that cost down over 50% plus I get all the extra benefits of an electronic cigarette. I am very thankful to South Beach Smoke.  With South Beach Smoke, I don't have to worry about any type of nasty odors. As a beginner I preferred disposable starter kit as this kit is designed especially for those smokers who are ready to switch from tobacco cigarettes over e cigarettes. 

Disposable kit allows me to try different flavors of SmokeTip at an affordable price.

As per my personal experience and best electronic cigarette reviews, I found that SmokeTip is the only electronic cigarette brand that has wide range of flavors. This brand offer 21 great flavors to its customers that suits with the taste and personality of different taste people. Cleaning kit, carrying case, charging case etc are the accessories that are offered by SmokeTip. These accessories enhance the puffing experience of the smokers. Those people who are not aware about the aspects of this e cigarette brand, they can take online help to get deep and relevant information.

Enjoy Smoke Free Life with V2 cigs Starter Kit

I had begun using electronic cigarettes a couple years before I ordered my V2 cigs. I had placed 2, 1 being a disposable and the other a rechargeable. I tried both the kits and found rechargeable kits had satisfied me more than disposable kit. One of my friends had told me about electronic cigarettes and its different brands. After that, I had never turned toward tobacco cigarette again in my life. I tried almost all the brands but I love V2 cigs electronic cigarette most.

I had ordered my starter kit Sunday evening with the free shipping option and got my order Saturday. I smoked Ultra Light cigarettes for over 1.5 years, I should have chosen lighter nicotine strength but I ordered the highest nicotine strength of 1.8. I must say, the Reds are DELICIOUS.  The Red's are by FAR the best tasting, most fulfilling non-menthol non-fruity e-cig cartridge I have ever tried. I still smoking regular cigs while using V2 but now I haven't smoked a cigarette in 7 days.

Those People who are confused about where to buy electronic cigarettes, they can go through online resource and search for the brand.  It’s a fact that people are getting benefited by reading the best electronic cigarette reviews. I must say, V2 cigs is really a best brand. Its flavor, taste, all suits with the personality of customers effectively. Menthol, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry etc is the flavors that are offered by this brand. This brand also comes out with the exclusive range of e cigarettes that is designed especially for the ladies.